Working towards sustainability of the artisanal stone crab fishery in Ancud, Chile.

Our work is based on the premise: “fish less and maintain or increase economic remuneration”. To achieve this, stone crab fishers work to distinguish their product from other crab products worldwide in order to obtain a higher value, which in turn will permit less fishing pressure.


Considering that the growing global market demands products managed in a responsible manner, the fishers focused on two objectives: maintaining a sustainable fishery through co-management practices and proving this through the reliable and recognised certification program of the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).


The fishers have been recognised for their vision of the future. They have participated in fisheries sustainability fora and meetings, stating that environmentally-friendly fishing practices are the best way to maintain the fishing business. In this way, they have become precursors of fisheries sustainability at the local level, encouraging these processes in other fishing communities.