Reaching Sustainable Development Goals through the Forest Garden Approach (FGA)

While industrial farming practices contribute to a changing climate, agriculture done right has the ability to save the planet! That’s why Trees for the Future (TREES) helps farmers in the developing world to increase food security, generate sustainable income, and revitalize degraded lands through the Forest Garden Approach (FGA). Each year, TREES works directly with about 5,000 farming families consisting of over 30,000 people and teaches them 14 different agroforestry modules over a 4-year program. Annually, TREES helps farmers plant 20 million trees and cultivate farms to grow, on average, 27 varieties of crops/shrubs on land thought to be infertile. This achieves average income gains of an average 400% over four years. TREES also collaborates with agricultural development and food assistance organizations to train extension experts in the FGA to help others adopt sustainable, climate-smart agriculture programming, amplifying these powerful impacts.