Chuma Chathu Forest and Land Restoration Focusing on Children in the Kirk Range Mountains

Agriculture, a major economic activity accounting for 91% of income, is the primary land use in Ntcheu District, which is predominantly rural. Despite this, 97% of farmers practice subsistence farming with an average landholding of 1 hectare per household. The district is facing rampant deforestation and environmental degradation, threatening the ecological balance and well-being of its residents. The loss of forest cover leads to soil erosion, diminished water quality, and biodiversity loss, exacerbating poverty and food insecurity.

To combat these challenges, Environmental Education programs have been introduced in schools around the Kirk Range Mountains. These programs include the establishment of woodlots and orchards and the promotion of climate-smart agriculture in both school gardens and the community. Youths play a key role in raising awareness, while community members receive comprehensive training on sustainable forestry practices, agroforestry techniques, and biodiversity conservation.