Sectorization, self-closures and fattening zones for the sustainable exploitation of the black shell

Since 2009, the mangrove concession of Las Huacas Association has faced a problem with low productivity due to the fact that it consists mainly of thin mangrove barriers between shrimp farms.

To ensure the sustainability of the exploitation of the black shell – a main resource within their concession – the following strategies were implemented:

  • Increase of the minimum catch size: from ≥ 4.5 cm (current standard) to ≥ 4.7 cm, considering the improvement in the size of the shell and more development time
  • Use of an area for ​​fattening undersized shells: when shells that are smaller  than the established size (<4.7cm) are caught, "size controls" at the end of the day are used to detect them. Undersized shells are released in the fattening area to grow and is captured later when there is a social purpose (festivity) within the community.
  • Establishment of temporal clousures for recollection of the black shell, to avoid over-exploitation.