Manush-Hati Songhat Nirosoney Math Porjayer Babosthapona Sohayika

The Asian elephant is an endangered animal in its global ranges and categorized as ‘Critically Endangered’ in Bangladesh. It is also listed in the third schedule of the Bangladesh Wildlife (Conservation) Act (1974) and also included in the CITES Appendix 1. A current study found 268 resident wild elephants, 93 migratory elephants and 96 captive elephants in Bangladesh. Beside this, the study also produced 44 forest range wise route maps and identified and mapped 12 elephant corridors. Finally, a total of 57 transboundary elephant crossing points were identified, of which 39 points are natural crossing points through which elephants pass regularly, seven points are vagrant which elephants use occasionally, and 11 points are abandoned crossing points.