Raíz y vuelo : el uso sostenible de los recursos naturales vivientes en Mesoamérica

Proposes an overview of the concept of sustainable use, drawing from the growing body of literature concerned with common property resources, ecosystem management and community based natural resource management. It also provides a synoptic account of the state of living natural resources in Mesoamerica, taking into account the efforts undertaken in situ and ex situ Conservation. It also addresses many of the drivers that are affecting the management and final use of natural resources, with particular emphasis on traditional knowledge systems and community based natural resource management. A final section analyses the range of on-going experiences in the local se and management of natural resources, including forest resources, non timber forest products, wildlife and coastal and marine resources. It is hoped that this state of the art review will serve as a reference for future conservation and sustainable use efforts in the Mesoamerican region.