The "trade and environment" agenda : survey of major issues and proposals. From Marrakesh to Singapore

It is not surprising that the issues involved in what is known as the “trade and environment” debate are manifold and complex. What is involved is an intersection of objectives which address economy, development, enviornment and equity. All this in an attempt to find the appropriate balance between free and controlled markets. As the reach of both globalization and environmental policies increase, it becomes ever necessary to fulfil the aim stated in Agenda 21 of ensuring that trade and environment are mutually supportive. The first step in this will be to increase the dialogue between the trade and sustainable development communities. This book aims to facilitate this by introducing the non-specialist to this debate. The approach taken is not theoretical, but practical. It focuses on the World Trade Organization's Committee on Trade and Environment (CTE) first term (1994-96). It is divided into two parts. The main part examines each item on the CTE's mandate by providing a background to the issue and a survey of the various proposals made both within the CTE and beyond. The second part is a comprehensive bibliography of literature as well as legal instruments decisions, for those who wish to do additional research.